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A Statement from our CEO “ As a Repair Contractor I was faced with the dubious task of explaining time after time to homeowners that the disproportionate costs of certain repairs were the unfortunate result of deferred maintenance and could have been prevented if small maintenance items had been attended to on a regular schedule.  It was after one of these conversations to a young family that was not financially able to commence the needed repairs that I started thinking about how we could prevent these kinds of unforeseeable expenses. I am excited and pleased to be able to introduce and offer to you the end result, an affordable, real world solution spurred from the stirrings of that situation

Healthy Home Club of America is the end result of Three Years of pondering and testing theories with a test group trying to answer the following questions…

How can we prevent costly maintenance issues before they escalate to the point of requiring costly professional intervention?

What is it? – Healthy Home Club of America is a concept developed in 2008 by Duane West, our Corporate CEO.  It is a way to protect your home and property without needing to keep up on all the service cycles and maintenance issues for each component of the home

How Does It Work? – HHC will pay for and send a licensed home inspector annually to each home or property included in the Members contract.  The results are transmitted to our secure server at the HHC corporate offices and that data is added to your Member Record in our Central Data Base.

A customized maintenance plan is created using the data from your inspection by our proprietary software and stored on our Central Data Base.  Your maintenance plan will be accessible online via your secure username  & password in your Members Record.

Each month a custom made reminder e-mail will be sent to you along with a link to the websites of our pre-screened Service Providers for each item on your “Check List”.

Everything on the list should be tended to and if for some reason you feel  unable to complete the list,  don’t have the time, or just plain don’t want to simply click on the links provided and you will be connected with professionals in the trade who not only will offer you superior service but a discount too!

Can I Trust the HHC Approved Service Providers?

We do!  And want you to know that no contractor’s application to provide services is approved without the Corporate Office reviewing & scrutinizing their work history.  We also check references, background checks for compliance with local, state, and federal licensing requirements.  Not only is this performed just once but annually to ensure you are receiving professional services that you can rely on and trust!

We want our Members to know we are watching our Service Providers closely and that they would not be in our Network if they could not be trusted to provide excellent craftsmanship and customer service.

What’s in it for me?

1)      Annual home inspection with a professional team looking for service needs that will save you money and extend the life of your home and it’s critical components

2)      Customized maintenance plan

3)      Monthly e-mail reminders with a “To Do~ Check List”

4)      Access to comprehensive list of trusted and pre-qualified professionals

5)      Special Member discounted pricing and specials

6)      Peace of Mind

7)      Notification of Service Bulletins and Recalls that affect your Home and Appliances

8)      Competitive bid review Services

9)      Mediation Services – If a conflict were to arise with a HHC Service Provider we will mediate the situation to a solution

10)   Priority service – Our Service Providers offer to prioritize your call whenever possible

11)   Maintenance records for your property

12)   Convenient monthly or annual billing

How Much Does it Cost? Less than One Dollar a Day.

Membership is set at $29.95 per month using automatic debit card transactions, electronic checks, AFT’s, or you can pay annually.  In addition there is a one time Membership setup fee of $175.00.  The Membership stays with the property and is fully transferable. 

How Do I Apply? – Simply contact your local Healthy Home Club Of America franchisee directly, or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to make sure someone contacts you immediately.

What will be Expected of Me ?

1)      Complete the Member Agreement and pay your one time Membership Fee

2)      Welcome the inspector into your home at the pre-arranged time

3)      Open and read your Monthly Maintenance List

4)      Introduce anyone you know that is interested in properly maintaining their home and wants save money to Healthy Home Club Of America