Service Providers

What is it? – Healthy Home Club Of America is a win~win~win concept developed in 2008 by Duane West, our Corporate CEO. He was working as a Remodeling and Repair Contractor and frustrated as you likely are with the economy, growing influence of State and Local Government regulating the industry, and the unreachable cost of advertising.  Although the repair industry is reasonably recession proof and was providing for his financial needs he wanted to find a way to do more for his clients.  Healthy Home Club of America was the end result of three years of pondering and testing theories with his own client base to answer that question.

With the help of his family, clients and business connections the idea took on an identity and has grown and morphed into a network that any quality and service oriented professional will want to be a part of.

How Does It Work? – Home or property owners will have their property inspected once a year and the results sent via the internet to our central data base.

A monthly recommended maintenance schedule will be produced by our proprietary software and stored with our clients records.

Each month a custom made reminder email will be generated and sent to our client base along with a link to the websites of no more than two pre-screened, approved, and monitored service providers.

We want our clients to know we are watching our service providers and that they would not be in our network if they could not be trusted to provide exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.

The client will contact you directly, no pay per click, to referral fee, no commission.  Periodically throughout the year we will encourage you to offer a special incentive to our client base only and that will be sent out to our client list with the Maintenance Reminder Email.

Another benefit is that as long as you keep up your side of the agreement no one can bump you out of our network.  It is your spot as long as you want to keep it.

What’s in it for me? –


  • Revenue – You will be included in our Service Providers Reference List with direct links to your site.
  • Revenue – Your calls will be from people who know what they need done and are forward thinking enough to protect their property from unnecessary deferred maintenance.
  • Revenue – A flow of traffic to your website and to your business that you would not ordinarily have.
  • Revenue – Phone calls.
  • Revenue – Regular repeat business.
  • Revenue – Status and value with the association of  being a HHCOA pre-qualified service provider.
  • Savings – Access to goods and professional services specifically tailored for our service providers.


How Much Does it Cost? – Less than one trade show!

We priced each category at $100.00 per month using automatic debit card transactions, electronic checks, AFT’s, or you can pay annually.  We want this to be a win for EVERYONE, which includes you so we kept the potential high and the costs low.  If everyone isn’t successful we have not done our job in supporting our Members and Service Providers. 

How Do I Apply? – Please contact your local Healthy Home Club Of America Franchisee directly. All locations can be found on the Locations page of this site.

What will be Expected of Me and My Business?

  • Complete the application process
  • Provide Excellent Service to our Members
  • Abide by the Terms of our Agreement
  • Introduce everyone you want to help save money to Healthy Home Club Of America.